JEE Main & Advanced- Points To Remember For The Exam Preparation

JEE Main &  JEE Advanced

Qualifying for the JEE Main & JEE Advanced exam is the best-renowned JEE exam for an individual’s profession and celebrations to begin. Having full power basics in Physics, Maths and Chemistry can truly clear up a lot of parkways for you in the future. before JEE Main Preparation &
JEE Advanced Preparation, remember one thing that is the upcoming year say 2 years or 1 year will be the most supportive year just like the way rock plays while rock climbing towards a glowing future in terms of better higher ranks during your Engineering or JEE Main & Advanced College period, Conferences from high rewarding jobs, Higher Studies etc the list is unlimited.

The JEE Exam has developed over the past various years. Earlier, it was named as an IIT JEE but now in its modern avatar, it is termed the JEE Main & Advanced exam.

Syllabus of JEE Main & Advanced 2019

JEE Main Syllabus & JEE Advanced Syllabus is a list of subjects and sub-topics that are individually and completely specified by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). JEE Advanced 2019 syllabus includes all the queries that are required to be studied by the IIT JEE candidates. In order to cross the prestigious JEE Advanced examination, applicants need to examine thoroughly with the guidance of the designated syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

How to use Syllabus for IIT JEE (Main & Advanced) Preparation?

  • The passionate IIT JEE students need to go through the syllabus carefully as it attunes one’s mind to grab all the important phases of the chapter in detail. JEE Course is an essential part to start the education.
  • It is very important to go through each and every chapter time-to-time to be assured that no major topic is neglected.
  • Candidates need to be positive that the time table of every subject or say syllabus to be covered in time to avoid further discussions.

 You can find all the details related to JEE Syllabus &Check JEE Result 2019 for both the stages – JEE Main and JEE Advanced in its official sites:

  1. JEE (Advanced) 2019 
  2. JEE Main
JEE Preparation

Here are some JEE Preparation Tips To Crack JEE Main & Advanced:

For JEE candidates, the journey from the very first day for IIT preparation to the test day is like training in a park. Only the place is Jurassic Park. Every moment spent on JEE preparation is a guarded property for a good, JEE rank. Many JEE candidates are tapped up at the dawn of their JEE preparation but soon lack their interest and lastly, feels like it is out of their capacity to achieve a good JEE rank. To all the super astonishing JEE candidates out there if you have dreamt of achieving the top rank, then only you can obtain it! At ZIA, we constantly ask schoolchildren:” if they do not know themselves then who know them?” to increase your JEE preparation we have set a collective list of JEE mains and advanced preparations tips by our expertise knowledge:


Importance of basics:

 We have learned this so many times by all of our professors at some era or every time lecture us on the importance of basics of IIT preparation. As the advice is given so many times we simply don’t take it very seriously. !similarly, THE FIRST JEE preparation tip to master at basic and differential calculus or important chemistry is crystal clear basis. Ncert books should be your guide and to solve questions of the same, one IIT preparation tip by master teachers for JEE aspirants is to keep the subject, chapter, formula/topic and reference( formula page number, book name etc).under the tabular headlines mention the chapter name, topic name, the formula or concept you want to memorise and book name. Utilise it whenever you seem like taking a break from your JEE main preparation time table

Never drop your focus!     

All the candidates qualifying for JEE or any competing exams have the same outline to cover in the equal interval of time. The success lines in JEE MAINS and advanced preparation procedure is the formula where confidence and focus are the root factors. However, while studying, it is super simple and direct for your mind to think about many things other than JEE mains and advanced preparations. So how can you solve your focus problem? We call it the memory scanning exercise in which, students write down all their thoughts that pop-in while studying, be it related to say food, games, and friends & fun anything that relates to the students itself. Get all those thoughts out on a paper, once you are done it will be easier for you to concentrate on the subject instantly. Revision is super important as it’s a renowned proverb “practice makes a man perfect” similarly; revision makes a student perfect even with hardest concepts. Many JEE candidates don’t include revision in their timetable for IIT JEE advanced preparation strategy. Or if they do, they often ignored the urgency of studying new topics.

This is the biggest mistake any JEE candidates can perform! Revision is a dull and boring process because of its repetition of the same old topics. ZIA offers revisions notes for all subjects in an interactive manner. However, it is during a mock test you can realise how quickly you are able to implement concepts, knowledge and solve problems.

Frequent mocks test preparation:

Never neglect the importance of mock test which is commonly an IIT preparation tips from experts. Students experience from a variety of illnesses right before school or tuition time on test days and feel the healthiest 5mins later. Everyone has experienced exams fevers, but during JEE preparations, we just can’t afford it. JEE mains mock test and JEE advanced mock tests not only help in estimating your progress in a crowd of 50-100 students instead helps in revising and modifying your IIT percentile. Never apply mock tests to check your IIT JEE preparation with other students, instead analyse your past test scores and bang yourself. Review the paper with your teacher or a friend to see the mistakes which can cost you allot in exams.

Boost your speed:

JEE is a careful exam, the test aims to estimate the speed of the candidates including the concepts knowledge. In the exam, speed is performed by continuous exercise, regular revisions, and infinite mock tests. hence the primary JEE preparation tips would be to improve the speed of calculation from the beginning .one can reach speed by maintaining a timesheet for particular subject matter so that it will be easier to make your JEE preparation plan accordingly.

Importance of time & stress management:

The first tip is to put together your timetable for JEE preparation from the beginning and continuously modify according to the knowledge curve.  One way to customise your timetable is to measure the estimated time required to learn a particular topic. Then count the no of topics in that subject and multiply them to get total learning hours for that subject. Accordingly, for every subject count the learning hours and divide them accordingly to your JEE preparation time. Once you are done you have formed a customised timetable and also set a goal for yourself to achieve. Talking about your IIT preparations problems with your friends, parents or teachers will reduce 80% of your total stress and will make you feel lighter so that you can deal with your problems and solve them easily. This can take place only if you open-up nicely with your family & friends about the IIT preparations.

Books for IIT JEE Preparation (JEE Main and JEE Advanced) In 2019-20

Top Books for IIT JEE Preparation (JEE Main and JEE Advanced) In 2019-20

Before JEE Main and Advanced Exams, students examine their learners in school, or explore on the internet, about – “What are the most helpful books for IIT JEE preparation?” which books to be followed during exams?

Here is the table of JEE Preparation books which will help you to understand and practice for the JEE preparation. These are books for JEE mains & books for JEE advanced suggested by professors and IIT pass out seniors for the preparation JEE Exam.

S No. Book Name Author
1 Concepts of Physics H. C. Verma
2 Understanding Physics (Set of 5 Books) DC Pandey
3 Practice Book Physics for JEE Main and Advanced DC Pandey
4 Wiley’s Halliday / Resnick / Walker Physics for JEE (Main & Advanced) Halliday, Resnick and Walker
5 Problems in General Physics I. E. Irodov
6 Cengage Maths Set Of 5 Books G TIWANI
7 Comprehensive Mathematics for JEE Advanced Tata McGraw Hill publications
8 Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics A Das Gupta
9 Arihant Problem Book in Mathematics for IIT JEE SK Goyal
10 Chemistry NCERT Textbook NCERT
11 Problems in Physical Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced) Narendra Awasthi
12 Organic Chemistry Morrison and Boyd
13 Concise Inorganic Chemistry J. D. Lee

Two major points to keep in mind for IIT JEE books:

1. Don’t ruin the NCERTs. Learn the NCERT chapters thoroughly, explained examples and summary is of big help. NCERT textbooks are composed by a crew of scholars who are all experts in their area.

2. Verify the list of most helpful books for JEE preparation to discuss to read the principles behind some of the most advanced topics that not are included in the NCET books.

Note: For IIT JEE preparation, excellence matters the most. A well prepared JEE study material is more sufficient. And with my tips, I can assure you will understand and catch the powerful points and will score higher marks. Students who have obtained good percentile in their JEE Preparation are asked to place their advice in the comment section below, to encourage the current fresher who are ready to give board this year.


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